Finding the Right CFP: Why Do I Do This to Myself?

Okay, so I knew that I would have a bit of difficulty finding a related CFP for my paper idea. My idea is to analyze and explain how the prophetic calling in St. Leon plays a major part of why our class (and others, I’m sure) experienced frustration with Reginald. What makes my idea a bit unconventional is that I will be using an anime called Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood as a lens to help articulate and explain how and why the prophetic calling creates this frustration for a modern audience. I have a legit reason for wanting to use this anime: it’s plot is centered around the existence of and obtaining the philosopher’s stone just like St. Leon. However, due to the lack of prophetic calling (and actual opposition of it, actually), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood tells a similar story involving the philosopher’s stone, but one that a modern audience can get behind. (There’s a lot more to this, obviously, but that is for another day.)

Anyway, so with my idea, I knew that searching for a CFP was going to difficult. I tried searching for CFPs related to Godwin or St. Leon, but there wasn’t any that I could find. Then I searched for CFPs regarding British Romanticism, but I could not find any that were actually related to what I wanted to talk about. Some were a bit related, but were not enough to satisfy me. I then searched CFPs for anime related topics and found absolutely nothing that was related to my topic. What a shocker.

Thankfully, I found a suitable CFP in one of the links that Dr. Gates gave us in her email. It’s outdated, of course, but suits me fine for this assignment. It’s for NASSR’s 2019 conference: They were looking for proposals about Romanticism “elements,” how to articulate them, what we are supposed to do with them, and how to address them. Though there was no mention of anime or pop culture, what they were asking for is related to my topic. I want to tie down a Romanticism element of St. Leon and what we’re supposed to do with it as a modern audience. Yeah, I want to use an anime to help with that, but this is the closest I’ve gotten to finding a CFP that mostly works.

So, thank you, Dr. Gates!

(Word count: 392)