I’ve had this train of thought in the back of my mind these past few days about what Dr. Gates asked us to discuss in this post regarding our paper and research. After getting feedback for my topic proposal, I realized that I was being a bit too negative toward St. Leon. Obviously, that was not my original intent, but I guess when I was mentally comparing the novel to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (which is my favorite anime), I was ignoring what is actually important in regards to my paper. I don’t want to just slam St. Leon for not being what I had wanted which is honestly a bit more adventure, drama, and thrills like in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. My research since writing my topic proposal has helped me to think more objectively about the novel.

I think what I want to answer with my paper is why St. Leon has survived two centuries and recognize the brilliance of it. Before my research, I had no idea some of what Godwin was critiquing or the other layers he had written into the novel. That’s because I’m not the original audience. Now that does not mean that the novel’s brilliance is lost on modern audiences necessarily, but it does require more research to understand what Godwin was doing. After all, that’s why when we read older novels, short stories, and poetry, we usually are doing so in a classroom setting or at least have to google some things to get what else the writer was doing.

After realizing my bias towards the anime and researching some more, I realized that there is a reason that I wanted to write about St. Leon before I had even considered its connection with my favorite anime. I had been emotionally involved when I read the novel and wanted to know what happened next despite my gripes with Reginald’s actions. So even though I’m not the original audience, Godwin was doing something there that transcended audience, time, and even country that I could resonate with. That’s what I want to answer. Using Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood as a lens/comparison, what was it about St. Leon that kept me going even with its faults?

(Word count: 370)

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